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Poolstar sat in the back of her den watching the sun rise. Her pelt barely ruffled by the cool winter breeze. Although, it had been warm lately the air was getting thicker with the coming leaf-bare and Poolstar herself did not know if her clan would survive. No matter, she wouldn't give up. For StarClans sake. She was the leader of the cold and merciless clan, LightningClan.

"Poolstar," Duskface called his tail curling around his paws. "Heatherfang just took out Dipperpaw to go hunting. They should return shortly." The dark tom said before turning to head into his sister's den. Cindersky had been the medicine cat for quite some time. Well, ever since Crowfoot passed away from unknown causes two leaf-bares ago. "Hello, brother." Cindersky greeted the deputy. Duskface grinned. "Hi," he replied sniffing then wrinkling his nose. His sister enjoyed the smell of all these stinky herbs, but he couldn't see why.—

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Flameheart walked around.
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